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...cause it's summer somewhere in the world!
...cause it's summer somewhere in the world!
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More Than Just Hot Air

The Blow Me range was designed in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. After many years of complaining about the lack of design orientated products for our pool, we created a range of products any design conscious person would be happy to have gracing their pool. Made from high quality PVC, our products are designed to look good, last and add a fun, design element to your surrounds.

It was amazing to us that this sort of product range didn’t seem to exist out there. Lots of kitschy and in our humble opinion pretty ugly stuff was available – but nothing really with a more designer element to it.

Like most houses our pool is prime real estate, we overlook it from most aspects of our house and therefore we thought why not have objects in it that are both fun and functional but also look good?

We named our business light-heartedly but unashamedly to grab your attention, it’s not meant to offend and I guess if it does - just don’t buy it?

This is a family venture with “Board meetings” held around the dinner table and including our 15 and 11-year-old children, so as to give them some sort of introduction to starting and running a business. Our 15-year-old will drive the social media and Instagram aspect, our 11-year-old contributes to product design.

So here is to fun times in the water, good quality and well-designed products that compliment your home while looking SXXX hot!



The Blow Me Team xx